Authenticity Is The New Bullshit Hugh MacLeod




Authenticity Is The New Bullshit  by  Hugh MacLeod

Authenticity Is The New Bullshit by Hugh MacLeod
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I got this book as a freebie for subscribing to the authors newsletter.What was the most awesome thing about the book is that the author is very economical about the words. No blabbering which runs for pages. Just what was required which makes for a quick read. This book is like the meta-book of self-help books providing a very high view of the topics discussed.The downside with the economy of words is that we should find for ourselves the ways to achieve whatever has been mentioned in the book for ourselves.

Not the mistake of the author per se, but it requires extra commitment to find out what the author means. For example, he says of using Internet for the right purpose. That is something we should search within ourselves. The effort should come for us - the readers- to derive the full benefit.Indeed, if we are determined to follow the advice given, following up with the relevant material and the search within- if one doesnt know what to do - is hardly a problem.

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